Will you have more designs?
Yes. We see no end to inspiration for t-shirts that share ideas about geo-politics, philosophy and economics, etc.

How will I know if there are new designs or styles being offered?
Please sign up for our newsletter if you would like to be notified of new shirts and offerings.

Can I order a design in other colors?
No. We've designed the artwork and garment color to complement each other. If you really think we made a mistake you can send us feedback.

Are the shirts available in women's or alternate sizes?
At the moment we're only offering SM - 2XL. If we receive a good number of requests we might expand our regularly stocked offerings. 

Can I special order alternate sizes or styles?
At the moment we're not accepting special orders. Please send us feedback if you think we should.

Will you be offering other products besides t-shirts?
Actually, we're thinking about it. Right now we're just focused on t-shirts.