Jeff Bezos upgrades his membership in the media billionaire boys club August 19 2013

Remember when Amazon deleted copies of 1984 and Animal Farm from users Kindles?
"Apparently, the publisher changed its mind about having electronic versions of Orwell's books. So Amazon removed them from the store and in the process remotely deleted the books from the Kindles of anyone who bought them, depositing a refund in their account in the process." Via Gizmodo
Now Bilderberg attendee, Jeff Bezos, has a whole newspaper to play with and decide what disappears down the memory hole. Recently it was announced that he would take ownership of the Washington Times. Undoubtedly, there will be some product tie in for Kindle owners and purchasers to get the Washington Times free or for a discount.

No just imagine perusing the morning news on your Kindle and seeing a story you want to re-read later. Will it be there for a repeat viewing? Will it be reword? Don't think it couldn't happen.

It is my contention that media being controlled by fewer and fewer individuals or companies is part of an ongoing war on journalism and more importantly the bigger idea of unique & individual voices.