Hey, U.N., SkyNet called. They think LARs is a stupid acronym. September 12 2013

LARs are Lethal Autonomous Robotics. Apparently the U.N. is a little concerned or at least thinking about these "tireless war machines..."
"There is clearly a strong case for approaching the possible introduction of LARs with great caution. If used, they could have far-reaching effects on societal values, including fundamentally on the protection and the value of life and on international stability and security. 
...there is widespread concern that allowing LARs to kill people may denigrate the value of life itself. Tireless war machines, ready for deployment at the push of a button, pose the danger of permanent (if low-level) armed conflict, obviating the opportunity for post-war reconstruction. The onus is on those who wish to deploy LARs to demonstrate that specific uses should in particular circumstances be permitted. Given the far-reaching implications for protection of life, considerable proof will be required."
The immense irony is that this eugenics promoting organization is concerned that LARs "may denigrate the value of life itself".