Made In America September 02 2013

So, yeah. JayZ is a big deal. Can't say that I've heard much of his music but I know he's a big shark in the sea of pop culture. 

Now having grown up around small business and entrepreneurs, I love creating things. I love the fact that some brilliant things are made in America. I also love the fact that some astounding things are made elsewhere in the world. 

Then watching this trailer for Ron Howard's new film about JayZ and music Made In America is scary and frustrating. The best America has to offer is narcissistic musicians, mass distraction and group think? What about the stories of all the people that didn't spend the money on a show ticket? Maybe they took that money and replaced a cracked windshield? Or bought beads to create handmade necklaces. 

No, "made in America" has come to mean "consumed in America".