AdLeaks July 07 2013

Ah, the banner ad. Bane of websites everywhere. There are plugins to block ads on most browsers and platforms. AdLeaks is a solution for making banner ads useful. They've found a chink in the surveillance grid's armor and they've pierced it. With most traffic being filtered AdLeaks serves up ads that can get through a corporate firewall and allow a whistleblower to safely transmit important info back to someone who can share it with a wider audience.

Read more on the AdLeaks site

Don't forget... there is beauty in the world. July 05 2013

Don't forget is right... Each Friday seemed an appropriate day to elevate the positive. This is not a measure of sticking one's head in the sand, it's just a reminder that not everything is going pear shaped. The world still exists and there is beauty in it.

War, damn war... July 04 2013

Watching ESPN's video of family reunion's with military members is touching. I cried. Tears came because the best thing about conflict is the absence of it. Tears came because of all the families foreign and domestic that won't have their own moment to reunite. Tears came because war is sold to us as "serving your country".

And I cried because in spite of our individual flaws, family relationships are precious. 

The panopticon gets a little cooler July 03 2013

While coming up for the NBA no. 2 overall pick, Victor Oladipo wore Google Glass. Ostensibly it was to help him document and share his journey but really he was knowingly or unknowingly selling surveillance and transhumanism. Why would a guy with his physical prowess need to wear a pair of glasses just to take pictures and find directions.

Victor's pretty smooth when Nilay Patel asks him "was it useful to you then"? (about 4:11 into the video)

State of Mind - Richard Grove interview July 02 2013

Here Richard Grove discusses the State of Mind documentary.

Duct tape surfing June 28 2013

Life is always worth living... Pascale Honore decided to choose life.

Pocket Airwolf June 19 2013

Finding the Panopticopter raises so many questions. Is the DIY drone industry growing? Is the DoD (make that Department of War) using Kickstriker to rapid prototype new projects? Why are people in academia using their knowledge to further war rather than freedom?

There's 328 contributors to a campaign that ends tomorrow. If you feel the need for your own drone copter you can get one fully assembled for $1000.

Further down the road will drone manufacturing enter the same space as 3D printed guns? Will they be a way to hold a mirror up to the camera? A way to watch the watchers?

From the campaign notes:

While drones have provided the U.S. military with the ability to perform airstrikes in highly sensitive areas, modern weaponized drones are anything but perfect. In particular, U.S. military drones have been criticized for their lack of precision, leading in some cases to unnecessary civilian deaths.

This is where we come in: we think we can build a better drone for a fraction of the price.

We're DIY Drone Labs, a group of three MIT engineering students who have been experimenting with drones built using open-source components like the Arduino microcontroller and BeagleBoard single-board computer. We think for just a few thousand dollars, we can build a prototype drone that has more accurate image-capture and image-processing abilities than the current generation of drones being used by the U.S. military. What's more, we're working with explosives experts to design an alternative to the Hellfire missiles being used by U.S. military drones.

...if we meet our funding goal, we will release all of our schematics and source code for the Panopticopter under a Creative Commons license, making it the world's first open-source drone!

Well at least they're thinking of open sourcing it... 

Tragedy & Hope - Episode: How to Podcast June 16 2013

Richard Grove from Tragedy and Hope and James Evan Pilato from Media Monarchy recently did a "How to Podcast" episode answering said question from Jan Powers. It's informative knowledge from two guys who have learned the tips and medium. Oh, and Rich stayed cool in our Mind the Control design.

We're new to shirts... May 30 2013

We're new to selling them, that is. We've been wearing them for some time, however.

After heaps of hard work on the website, shirt ideas and designs, today is our official launch. Please let us know what you think. We're open to feedback good or bad. We prefer good... 

So, that's it. Just a short post to say, we're open for business.