Anti-social behaviour October 25 2013

The other day I saw a dude who still had a Blockbuster video card in his wallet. Maybe it was nostalgia, maybe it was procrastination that kept it there. Then it occurred to me that so many activities that used to be more social in nature, going to the bank, renting movies, checking out books, have been replaced by services. 

These services silo us into request and delivery loops with virtual interaction to simulate face to face social interaction. Gadgets have their place but conveniences can become inconvenient. So, don't forget to take the long way round sometimes. You never know who you might meet.

Quantum Leap October 17 2013

I'm sure Google bought their new D-Wave quantum computer just to improve LOL cat search results. And NASA, they might need it figure out we aren't descendants of monkeys. I could have told them that for free.

Cymatics September 27 2013

Nikola Tesla once said, "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

Looking at symmetrical forms created by introducing sound to matter, it occurs to me that I know very little about how the world works. In the micro and in the macro there is so much mystery and beauty in the world.

Cymatics is the study of visible sound and vibration. Cymatics gives a visual sense of what's happening vibrationally all around us. 

Zipper head September 25 2013

What would getting dressed without zippers, buttons and snaps look like? I'm guessing there would be a copious amount of lacing and tying. Not that I'm a zipper snob but I notice when garments use subpar fasteners.

YKK make the best zippers in the world but did you know they make the SNAD. It's short for SNap ADhesive backed. Various SNAD can be applied to surprisingly uneven surfaces. The concept of a post production, easy to install snap is great but it's the adhesive that makes the SNAD brilliant.

World of dreams & shadows... September 24 2013

Shadow, an active Kickstarter campaign is seeking funding for an app that helps people capture and anonymously upload their semi-conscious thoughts to a "dream cloud". The dream data will be distilled down to find that almost forgotten brilliant idea. Individual dreams are now becoming mined by the analytics of the collective mind. The project's short description:
Some of humanity’s most incredible scientific discoveries, enduring cultural touchstones and profound philosophical revelations began in dreams. Yet, we forget most of what we experience while asleep within five minutes of waking up. That’s a huge amount of data we forget each day. What would happen if we remembered? We’re here to find out.
Capturing and mining dreams for collective use may push artificial intelligence forward but will it maintain the spark of humanity that only an individual can bring? Is it just knowledge without creativity?

#Bittercoin September 20 2013

Truly the idea of Bitcoin is a brilliant one. Issue your own currency with no centralized control.

When you consider the global issues facing us, centralized control of debt based currency has a distinct lead as culprit. So, take away the centralization and give the issuing power to the people and you start to turn the money supply on it's head. If this new decentralized currency starts to fall into the control of those with the biggest and fastest computers, or it falls under the regulatory control of existing banks so that you can exchange your fiat currency for Bitcoins, the battle has been lost. 

An unshackled currency has to exist outside of the current structure of control. Does that mean that the currency has to be more complex? I don't know. If cryptographic strength resides with those controlling the largest computers then stronger cryptography and greater complexity probably isn't the answer.

Is a simplified form of monetary exchange the answer? I don't know that either. Ideally an unfettered currency could be created by anyone. Granted this doesn't address devaluation through over production or gauging value. Perhaps part of the answer isn't a standardized universal currency but creating numerous regional currencies.

Trance-National September 19 2013

Researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden found that singing phrases in unison has an effect of slowing and synchronizing heart rates of those participating.

Using pulse monitors attached to the singers' ears, the researchers measured the changes in the choir members' heart rates as they navigated the intricate harmonies of a Swedish hymn. When the choir began to sing, their heart rates slowed down.

"When you sing the phrases, it is a form of guided breathing," says musicologist Bjorn Vickhoff of the Sahlgrenska Academy who led the project. "You exhale on the phrases and breathe in between the phrases. When you exhale, the heart slows down."

But what really struck him was that it took almost no time at all for the singers' heart rates to become synchronized. The readout from the pulse monitors starts as a jumble of jagged lines, but quickly becomes a series of uniform peaks. The heart rates fall into a shared rhythm guided by the song's tempo.

Could an induced trance be part of the purpose of echo chamber that is created when the media covers the war in Syria? Or any story for that matter? As the public repeats what they're hearing, is it aligning the public to a "melody" not their own? Could the trance be broken by ignoring the media? Could people create their own state of synchronicity by changing the tune?

Brobots September 16 2013

Could X-Men: Days of Future Past be a blueprint for the elite's agenda. One company creates both the disfunction and the cure. Sounds like false flag transhumanism leading to an increased police state.

Hey, U.N., SkyNet called. They think LARs is a stupid acronym. September 12 2013

LARs are Lethal Autonomous Robotics. Apparently the U.N. is a little concerned or at least thinking about these "tireless war machines..."
"There is clearly a strong case for approaching the possible introduction of LARs with great caution. If used, they could have far-reaching effects on societal values, including fundamentally on the protection and the value of life and on international stability and security. 
...there is widespread concern that allowing LARs to kill people may denigrate the value of life itself. Tireless war machines, ready for deployment at the push of a button, pose the danger of permanent (if low-level) armed conflict, obviating the opportunity for post-war reconstruction. The onus is on those who wish to deploy LARs to demonstrate that specific uses should in particular circumstances be permitted. Given the far-reaching implications for protection of life, considerable proof will be required."
The immense irony is that this eugenics promoting organization is concerned that LARs "may denigrate the value of life itself".

Ship, Shipper & Shippest September 07 2013

Shipping rates are tricky.

To start out, we used real time shipping quotes to give everyone the most accurate rates. Since rethinking the obvious is one of our favorite things, we're rethinking shipping. Starting today, we're offering flat rate shipping. The pricing goes like this:

USA shipping
- Orders $0 - $60 = $7 shipping
- Orders over $60 = Free shipping

International shipping
- Orders $0 - 60 = $17 shipping
- Orders over $60 = $10 shipping

Let us know what you think. Does this work for you?

Made In America September 02 2013

So, yeah. JayZ is a big deal. Can't say that I've heard much of his music but I know he's a big shark in the sea of pop culture. 

Now having grown up around small business and entrepreneurs, I love creating things. I love the fact that some brilliant things are made in America. I also love the fact that some astounding things are made elsewhere in the world. 

Then watching this trailer for Ron Howard's new film about JayZ and music Made In America is scary and frustrating. The best America has to offer is narcissistic musicians, mass distraction and group think? What about the stories of all the people that didn't spend the money on a show ticket? Maybe they took that money and replaced a cracked windshield? Or bought beads to create handmade necklaces. 

No, "made in America" has come to mean "consumed in America".

Virtually there August 26 2013

Recently, while throwing rocks in the lake with my nephews I thought to myself, "oh I should have taken some pictures or videos". Immediately after that thought it dawned on me that if I'm too busy thinking about technology and capturing the moment, I'm going to miss the moment. 

If we're on a walk and yet engaged with someone else via our smartphone, are we really there? 

Jeff Bezos upgrades his membership in the media billionaire boys club August 19 2013

Remember when Amazon deleted copies of 1984 and Animal Farm from users Kindles?
"Apparently, the publisher changed its mind about having electronic versions of Orwell's books. So Amazon removed them from the store and in the process remotely deleted the books from the Kindles of anyone who bought them, depositing a refund in their account in the process." Via Gizmodo
Now Bilderberg attendee, Jeff Bezos, has a whole newspaper to play with and decide what disappears down the memory hole. Recently it was announced that he would take ownership of the Washington Times. Undoubtedly, there will be some product tie in for Kindle owners and purchasers to get the Washington Times free or for a discount.

No just imagine perusing the morning news on your Kindle and seeing a story you want to re-read later. Will it be there for a repeat viewing? Will it be reword? Don't think it couldn't happen.

It is my contention that media being controlled by fewer and fewer individuals or companies is part of an ongoing war on journalism and more importantly the bigger idea of unique & individual voices.

Lavabit Shutdown, Mars Mission, Weed TV - New World Next Week August 16 2013

James Corbett & James Evan Pilato strip the "newspeak" out of this week's NWNW news. As always, these guys do a brilliant job keeping folks informed. Please check out their media and support their work.

Media Monarchy
The Corbett Report

Blue sky & clear water August 13 2013

Lima, Peru is home to a unique billboard that captures humidity and filters it to create potable drinking water for local families.

Creating solutions to help people live, this is pure science.

History, so it doesn't repeat August 12 2013

Nate Orlowek's work to uncover the true history of John Wilkes Booth is supremely fascinating. 

Themes of history being obfuscated, lone wolf assassins and assassins connected with hidden power are all here. Watch how hidden power has manipulated history and one man's search to find truth in history.

That's disgusting... July 19 2013

Zachary Maxwell, creator of Yuck, a short documentary about school lunches in his New York city school shows that schooling isn't just about mental junk food it's about real junk food. His review of school lunch makes airline food look like a 3  Michelin star dining experience. 

What a demolition looks like July 18 2013

When a planned demolition happens there are explosions and the structure collapses into it's own footprint.

Compare and contrast the above links with a recent demolition of a power plant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Utah: Home of your digital self July 17 2013

Apparently the conversation we're all having with the NSA is a bit one sided. They're listening but they don't have much to say in reply. Buzzfeed reporter, Justine Sharrock, was curious about how the NSA was taking care of her digital persona and decided to go take a look:

I had put “Utah Data Center” in my GPS, which, to my surprise, worked instantly. At the traffic light, right before the turn into the facility, there is a small yellow sign reading “No Outlet” pointing to the left. I had two options: Drive straight ahead past the facility, or turn left up toward the buildings. I, of course, being curious, turned left.

She found that the NSA is as transparent as the rest of our government. Transparent as concrete. Read more...

The poe-leese, puh-leese July 16 2013

Is it a systemic problem or a individual problem when an office arrests a bystander for the act of sousveillance? Not all of the Detroit police department is quite as ambitious. Detroit Fox 2 reporter, Charlie LeDuff is on the case...

Sousveillance 2.0? July 16 2013

If you're not familiar with the idea of sousveillance, take a look (or listen) to James Corbett's podcast from June 22nd.

Then consider the implications of external sousveillance. If we're being digitally surveilled, we can use our own video and voice recorders to capture our side of the story. We can watch our watchers... What if the future of surveillance isn't just the digital snitch in your pocket? What if it's overhead? Here's a kit to create your own drone with household objects.

The kit includes instructions for 3-D printing four clamps that screw into the object and hold the mounts for propellers. You also need to 3-D print a body to house the electronics, which include a radio receiver, flight controller, bluetooth module, and four motors, each with an electronic speed controller.

The software for piloting the drone comes from OpenPilot, an open source autopilot and stabilization project. A full parts list can be found here, and the DIY drone even has anInstructables page.

Don't forget... there is beauty in the world. July 12 2013

San Francisco's majestic Marin Headlands and graceful Golden Gate bridge shrouded in fog. Time lapse photography captures the ebb and flow.

DIY trans-humanism July 11 2013

This woman built herself a fantastic Lego prosthetic leg. Just imagine in a few years what people could be doing with 3D printers... Fixing stuff around the house and maybe even a little piece of yourself.

HIPSters July 08 2013

From James Bond's cheesy one liners to Jon Stewart's diatribes, I'm contending that humor is a trojan horse for the elite's Hiding In Plain Sight tactics. Or HIPS as I call it. With Jon Stewart, it goes something like this:

- The US military decides to invade a foreign country under false pretenses
- Donald Rumsfeld makes a mistake in a speech about the invasion
- Jon Stewart and his writers pick apart Donald and his speech
- The segment ends declaring the HIPS objective
- Everyone applauds

Don't worry about the facts, it's just so funny...